Key Hole Surgery

What Is Key Hole Surgery

Laparoscopic surgery is also known as “key hole surgery”, pin hole surgery, minimal access surgery  as very small 5mm to 10mm  cut are  made in the abdominal wall like a key hole.

The Telescope is used to visualise organs inside the body, is passed inside the tummy via these small cuts. Video images of the internal organs can be viewed on a TV screen.  Two or three long special instruments are passed via other cuts to perform the operation.


  • Inspection of all Abdominal organs is possible.
  • Magnification gives better visualization of organs.
  • Less pain,
  • less requirement of medicines
  • Less hospitalization time.
  • Early return to work.
  • Excellent  cosmetic results.
  • Less  wound  problems like dehiscence, infection etc.
  • No restriction in games or sports after surgery.
  • Overall Cost effective Surgery.

Because of  its tremendous advantages , it is also known as PATIENT FRIENDLY SURGERY


Today most of the common abdominal operations can by performed by laparoscopy. These include operations for stones in the gall bladder & ureter, Appendicectomy, release of adhesions, ulcer operation, repair of hernia, closing perforation in intestines, removal of some organs form the abdomen like small & larger intestines, spleen  etc.
Almost all gynaecological operations can be performed which include operations for infertility, ectopic pregnancy ,polycystic ovaries, ovarian cysts, hysterectomy and myomectomy.

Laparoscopy is also of great benefit for diagnosing diseases in the abdomen causing abdominal pain, jaundice, ascitis and other problems. It is used to assess the stage of cancer & also to check for any recurrence of cancer periodically.