Gall Bladder Stones

Gall Bladder Stones or calculi


Human body can have variety of stone disease , common are kidney & gall stones. Usually found in Eastern & Northen regions of Country(India).

What is Gall Bladder?

A pear shaped organ situated below liver, a sac which usually store Bile& concentrate it. It dose not produce Bile as commonly thought.

What is Bile Juice?

It is a digestive Juice produced by Liver. It is helpful in digestion of fatty food.

What are Gall Stones or calculus?

They can be many from one to hundreds. They can be small or large in size. They form because of repeated inflammation in gall bladder. They are diffrent from kidney stones.

What are reasons of formation of stones?

Exact reason is not known but there are few factors which helps in formation of stones.
Age- 30-40 yrs commonly
Sex- female 2 times more to males(Fatty Flatulent,Female,Fertile ,Forty)
Crash dieting
Prolonged fasting
Congenital Blood disorders
Few geographical conditions

What are symptoms of Gall stones?

80-85% are Asymptomatic means Silent.
Colicky pain or gall stone Attack- pain in Right upper Abdomen. It can radiate to back or Right  Sholder. Pain can be mild to severe.
Indigestion  esp on eating fatty foods.
Bloting of abdomen & fullness.
Heaviness in upper abdomen.

Harmful effects & complications of gall stones-

Recurrent abdominal pain
Pus formation
Gangrene of gall bladder
Perforation of gall bladder
Cancer of gall bladder
Swelling in pancreas
In case of any complication, immediately contact your surgeon. Initially antibiotics and pain killers are prescribed but permanent solution is surgical removal of gall bladder  i.e. operation ( Lap. Chole ).


Because of repeated swelling & inflammation, gall bladder becomes functionless and hence during operation with stones gall bladder is also  removed & hence this problem never  Recurres in life.
Operation can be done by 2 methods – Open conventional
Today Gold standerd is Laparoscopic  Cholecystectomy  all over world which we are also offering to our patients.

Is ther any Side effects on removal of gall Bladder?

There are no harmful effects on removal of gall bladder as body adopts accordingly. moreover it saves us from future development of gall bladder cancer.